Drilling Update

Listen to David Lindley’s Update here.

The Doriri prospect has been thoroughly explored during a programme of exploration trenching, detailed 1:250 scale lithological, structural and alteration mapping and sampling and petrological studies under the supervision of/completed by Dr Lindley between 2007-2008. A consequence of this work was the recognition of the epithermal nature of the Doriri deposit. Four mineralised drillholes were completed in March-April 2012. Fieldwork and drilling has defined at lode of 10-15 m width and a strike length of perhaps 520 m. Average grades of Ni across the width of the lode vary between 1 to 2.5 %. Pd values up to 1.0 m averaging 4.07 g/t and Pt values up to 1.0 m averaging 0.5 g/t have been encountered during trenching and drilling.

PNG Copper Inc commenced a drill programme at Doriri in the first quarter of 2022. The Company is using a lightweight man-portable ID200 drill rig, with a depth capability of 200 m in HQ rod size, for the present programme. The rig can be readily broken down into components that are man portable, with obvious cost savings without the use of a helicopter.

Three drill pads have been excavated on the exceedingly steep slopes (45o) at the south-eastern end of the lode. From these drill pads four holes will be completed. A further 6-7 holes have also been identified and will be pursued following the successful completion of the current drill programme.

  • Unique low temperature hydrothermal nickel, platinum and palladium accumulation. Earth’s only example of the transport and deposition of platinum group elements in epithermal (<200oC) conditions.
  • Ni, Pt and Pd are metals of the new economy. As such Doriri is of considerable interest.
  • Previous (2007-2012) reliable geological fieldwork included trenching, detailed 1:250 scale mapping of lithology, alteration and structure, geochemical sampling and the completion of 4 drill holes and defined a lode of at least 520 m length, with a 10-15 m width.
  • Photos are from the current 2022 preparatory field programme ahead of drilling.

* Maps and photos courtesy of Dr. David Lindley

Costean % Ni, g/t 2PGE/metres
Costean VIII 0.42, 0.90/2.0 m
Costean VII 0.92, 0.50/6.0 m
Costean VI 0.29, 0.10/2.0 m
Costean V 0.29, 0.17/5.0 m
Costean IV 0.66, 1.27/7.0 m
Costean III 0.78, 1.10/7.0 m
Costean IIA 1.25, 0.65/14.0 m
Costean II 0.79, 0.43/10.0 m
Costean I 1.31, 1.02/11.0 m
Creek 1.31, 0.41/9.0 m

2PGE = Pd + Pt

Trench MH1– 1.31% Ni, 0.41g/t PGE over 9.0 m